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  • How do moves towards open linked data-based information sharing affect development, and the distribution of resources and power between rich and poor?
  • How can development agencies contribute effectively to the web of data, and how will can it positive affect their work?
  • How will linking information resources through linked, open meta-data impact on the stories that are seen, and those that become increasingly invisible?

Whose information?

At the recent IKM Linked Open Information workshop we explored the implications of developments in linked data for actors around the world. In the clip below, Anita Gurumurthy shares some reflections that were shown on a rolling video loop at the recent London 'Open Government Data' camp.


Linked Information Paper

The growth in the production of linked and open data will impact on business, politics and, morespecifically, how we (both as organisations and as individuals) will use the World Wide Web. This short paper introduces linked information for development, and puts forward some draft principles for the developing open linked data world.


Linked Information

Information and knowledge management in an environment, such as the development sector, of multiple disciplines, cultures and languages, of communication across barriers of class, education and status is extremely challenging and require constant thought, reflection and discussion.

In a workshop earlier this year IKM started to explore key questions about emerging linked data and linked information environments.

Near this kiosk you should be able to find a brief discussion paper from that event, and we will make it available here on screen as well shortly.

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